Savvy Content

Alright. This guy has a dazzlingly simple website…and the GIFS are a cute little touch. But can he actually write? 

You and I both know that anyone can blabber about writing chops. But it’s either written in ink, or it’s not. 

I realize I have to flex a few glitzy names and pieces to get you thinking, “yeah, okay, this guy’s legit.” 

So—gulp—as humbly as I’m able, here goes…

I’ve written monthly email and blog content for Silicon Valley darlings like SoylentMmmm, creamy and nutritious.

I’ve penned articles for name brands like Onnit, AventonSoludos, tentree, TruBrain, Magic Spoon, and Kühl.

I’ve ghostwritten Forbes articles on lofty topics like a game show that’s sending someone to space, among others.

I’m a regular writer at small kickass agencies that deliver glittering campaigns across all types of industries.

I’ve written landing pages, brand stories, and product launch copy for sustainable apparel brands like Bamboo Ave.

I write a monthly newsletter that goes out to 10k folks with open rates up to 37%.

I’ve written dozens upon dozens of blogs for one prestigious LA ecommerce agency.  

Once, I wrote a script for a TV show that won a fucking Emmy. 

I’ve named sustainable shorts that ended up in Men’s Health, Buzz Feed, and Reader’s Digest articles. 

I’ve had the chance to sip juicy CBD beverages, then write even juicier product descriptions for them.

One time, I wrote a pretty sweet Fintech website.

I’ve written the website and case studies for a mighty little graphic design agency in Cleveland, OH—and they’re chugging along just fine.

I’ve written the marketing materials for cannabis mints that are in dispensaries as far and wide as…who the hell knows?!

I’ve written more scripts for TV shows and product packaging for PatchStiks (uh, what TF is a PatchStik?).

…okay, that was a lot of “I” statements and braggadocios namedropping. I’m going to salvage my humility and stop here. Please, just shoot me an email at and we can get to work.

THE ADULT MAN is a men’s publication producing content men actually give a sh*t about. Content that informs men, benefits them, and nudges them to lead better lives. Think of us as Men’s Health or GQ, only without the thin veneer of untouchability. We do honest, in-depth reviews, lifestyle articles, and a mish-mash of content all pertaining to things your average gentleman should know about. I’m acquiring quite the spiffy repertoire of articles—you might find something you like: HERE

LEON is the planet’s first AI-powered human wellness platform. They use data, metrics, and a keen understanding of what the hell it means to be human to determine when employees are going to burn out and say something like, “screw this sh*t, I’m going home.” Buckle up and get ready to read damn good writing from a slew talented humans. I feel lucky to have chipped in: HERE

SOCIAL NATIVE is a tech firm bringing user generated content to the forefront of digital marketing. They create thoughtful influencer campaigns that are modern as as all get out. And they do it for some of the largest brands in America. When they launched a recent marketing promotion, they needed to show brands and clients alike, that when it comes to data, Social Native doesn’t play around. *Insert frighteningly stiff poker face* I penned an email for them, and the promotion went on to generate over $80k in revenue.

SIDEKICK.LA is a dangerous duo of ex-Amazon employees who work intimately with ecommerce shops to rev up conversion rates, hone in web design, and market effectively. 

SIMPLISTIC, one of Sidekick’s clients, is a heavy hitter in ecommerce. They are leaders in development, web design, and CRO and work with brands like Fashionnova and Allswell. I routinely write articles for their site offering retailers a little guidance in the shifty online landscape of ecommerce. The last 12 or so articles are all me, so pop on over: HERE

DOPAMINE FX is a functional health studio located in Santa Barbara, California. If you don’t live in Santa Barbara…uh, you should, it’s practically paradise. Anyways, Dopamine FX offers basically everything you need to lead a functional, well-balanced, sustained life. This includes highly tailored training sessions, nutrition testing and consultations, and massage. I have the pleasure of co-managing their digital marketing. Feel free to drop by: HERE

STIK N STUK is a homegrown print shop producing eco-friendly, customizable PatchStiks–a hybrid between a sticker and a patch. We’re bringin’ the patch back, baby. For social justice movements, for artists, for brands, for partners. Everyone can get a patch. Just make it cool, and make it mean something. I’m just starting out as their de facto copy and content writer, and doing a little brand consulting too. Check ’em out: HERE

MAKING IT MEDIA is a media production agency located in Los Angeles that has built a small, but rapidly growing, content empire. They create and distribute TV-lifestyle shows through massive channels such as CBS, Amazon Prime, and Pluto TV. It has been a damn privilege helping produce a few of their shows. I have also written several scripts for an episode of their streaming channel “Destination TV” as well as the show bible and concept pitch for their newest show, “Wonderful Places”. That can be found HERE. Please reach out personally for a script sample.

THE SANTA BARBARA GROUP is an elite team of realtors under the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services label in – you guessed it – sunny Santa Barbara. Homes here are as sought after as a Picasso painting (and cost about that much too! Well, not quite that much). These guys are pros. But they don’t just help buyers and sellers find their coastal dream bungalow. They are heavily involved in the local community. They make real estate fun which is why it’s so freaking fun to craft their newsletter each month. Check out my favorite letters: HERE and HERE

DCV creates, creates, and creates. They are a B2B video-first digital marketing agency that shoots commercials you wish your prom date looked as good as. But video doesn’t define them. They provide killer campaigns and strategy and keep up with all the teeny changes in the world of visual marketing. But experts don’t just say “were experts sweetie, so trust us.” They publish high-level industry content that educates audiences on how to make marketing lovely to look at. I had the pleasure of writing some of that content: HERE, HERE, and HERE

Pay attention to two things. I’m not going to sugarcoat it,

slather it in melted butter, and feed you neatly cut bites. 

1. No two businesses are the same.

2. Writing is strikingly subjective.

Difference splits up marketshare. Difference creates space for success. Since no two brands are alike, you’d better hope no two brands sound alike.

Before I put pen to paper, I have to get to know your business. I have to make sure I can write in your voice in an authentic and believable way. If my range of writing styles cannot serve you, if the it’s not the right fit, then we leave the glass slipper on the staircase, Cinderella.

Because no two businesses are the same, I work on a case-by-case basis. We sit down (virtually), figure out a solution, pick the right price, write a timeline, and get to work.