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This is the services page, but if you

ask me, it's

The Good Stuff.

I won’t get cute about it. Here’s what I can do for you. Right now. First, I’ll hunker down and take a serious look at your copy. I will likely give you some compliments here too, and we can chum it up over those. Then, I’ll lay out concrete suggestions for how we can convert leads and bring in more business using killer words.

In my final mystifying stunt, I will draft you a clear no B.S. proposal with defined steps on how we can execute this master plan. This won’t cost you a thing but doing it can seriously deepen your pockets. 

If you’re thinking, “do I need this?”…then read on. If you like Tom and Jerry, then read on.

Top-notch copy persuades. It seamlessly explains products and services. At times, it entertains and excites. More importantly, it can help reel in fat returns and establish a die-hard base of loyal customers. The type who craves the content your brand puts out and willingly shares it with their crush and all their best friends…or frenemies, like Tom and Jerry.

The question is always the same: how can someone trust you and justify handing over their hard-earned dough? 

You could explain to every new prospect why you are the best. I would bet some of my own hard-earned dough that would do wonders. But keep a glass of water close by because you’re going to lose your voice. Fast.

This is precisely why you need copy that does the talking for you. Unlike you and I, 

good copywriting can be read a million times and

never lose its voice.

Or need a sip of water…

The average website receives 2,100 views/month. 93% of those are new viewers. That’s a lot of folks dropping by to see…

If you made it this far…well, I’m just tickled.

So much so, I’ll share a secret with you.

There are no hourly rates posted on here. I don’t work strictly hourly or project-based. It’s a clean slate with each new client. I’m open to honest negotiation and creating a scenario in which you get fabulous words that sell your brand, and I get to keep writing fabulous words for a living.