Savvy Content

Let's start with a tasteful black-and-white photo, shall we?

Okay, great. Now that we're past the pleasantries...

What you should know about me is that at the age of five, instead of binging the cartoons glaring in front of me, I scribbled a short story called Mega Mountain about a nearby mountain with an enormous light-up “M” smacked on its side. This story, written by a five-year-old, went on to win no awards or accolades because it wasn’t submitted or sent anywhere.

That’s not the point. I was not a literary prodigy. The point is that as a kid—and to this day—I love to write. And I never lost it.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Some might call it heaven. I certainly would. After heading to American University and snagging a crisp, egg-shell colored piece of paper with “Bachelor’s Degree” etched into it, I lept head-first into corporate America, where coffee flows hot and tungsten lights burn yellow.

I landed my head-first leap as a publicity and promotions coordinator for a film marketing firm in downtown Washington, DC. I got to assist on accounts like Paramount, CBS Films, and The Orchard. I also got to help run some pretty sweet red carpets. 

One time—no lie—they sent me to pick up Tom Cruise’s v12 BMW and drop it off before the Mission Impossible 6 premiere. My big toe barely air-kissed the gas pedal and the thing hit 75mph.

But between the short-lived moments of driving Tom’s beamer and red carpets, I was getting 200+ emails a day…most of which didn’t pertain to me. This left me frazzled, burnt out, and unfulfilled. Maybe it was email overload, maybe it simply wasn’t my cup of tea. After my internship and 8 months of full-timing it, I quit.

I headed to Los Angeles, the epicenter of entertainment, to write scripts and produce a handful of low-budget TV-lifestyle shows. Not a bad gig. Yet, one day when asked by a friend how much I loved my job, you know what I said? 

“Man, I’d love to just get paid to write full-time.”

And with that sentence, I subconsciously launched what would quickly unravel into my career as a full-time writer. And now, I run a humble, little writing shop called Savvy Content; the very shop you’re hanging out inside of right now!

Since muttering those divine words, I’ve been grinding as a professional copywriter,  working in-house with creative agencies, writing for massive online publications, and working directly with established brands and startups alike.

I’ve penned copy for Silicon Valley darlings like Soylent, written articles for online publications with nearly 1 million monthly readers, and written numerous websites across industries ranging from design to ecommerce. I write a monthly newsletter that goes out to nearly 10k folks. I’ve written Emmy-award winning scripts and ghostwritten Forbes articles.

And that’s my story, as it continues to unfold in front of me. I’m grateful for that faithful day when my mom caught me writing stories instead of mindlessly devouring cartoons. I’m grateful for the email burn out and the hours writing small scripts. I’m grateful for it all.

And if you think you might like a serving of some of this Savvy Content that I speak of—well, then if I were you, I’d hammer the button below.