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Savarone Amman


Now that we’re past the pleasantries...

What you should know about me is that at the age of five, instead of watching my cartoons, I wrote a short story called “Mega Mountain” about a mountain nearby with an enormous, light-up “M” smacked on the side. This story, written by a five-year-old, went on to win no awards or accolades because it wasn’t submitted or sent anywhere. That’s not the point. I was not a literary prodigy. 

The point is that as a kid, and to this day, I love to write.

And I never lost it.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Some might call it heaven. I certainly would. After heading to Washington, DC and snagging a crisp, egg-shell colored piece of paper with “Bachelor’s Degree” etched on it, I lept head first into corporate America. Where coffee flows hot and tungsten lights burn yellow.

I landed my head-first leap as a publicity and promotions coordinator for a film marketing firm in downtown Washington, DC. I got to assist on accounts like Paramount, CBS Films, and The Orchard. I also got to help run some pretty sweet red carpets. One time, no lie, they sent me to pick up Tom Cruise’s v12 BMW and drop it off before the Mission Impossible 6 premiere. My big toe barely blew an air kiss toward the gas pedal and the thing hit 75mph. 

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But between the short-lived moments of driving Tom’s beamer and the occasional premiere, I was getting 150+ emails a day…most of which did not pertain to me but still left me frazzled, burnt out, and unfulfilled. Maybe it was email overload, or pushing cookie cutter marketing campaigns packaged by the studios, or maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea. But after my internship and 8 months of full-timing it, I quit.

I headed to Los Angeles. The epicenter of entertainment action. This is where I still live. Only, instead of spending all my time helping to produce small lifestyle shows, now I run a writing shop

This one.